Health, healthcare, better health, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, natural health solutions are all in the news. And rightly so. The United States spends more per capita on health care than most civilized countries on the planet and, yet, we rank 37th in overall health. What’s up with that?

Are you someone who goes to your healthcare provider over and over only to  see minimal to no results in  your overall health improvement? You have a bevy of prescriptions that have side effects that have caused you to stop the medicines and you are still no better. Or  you take your medications only to have  problems with them that require more prescriptions that treat the side effects? What’s up with that?

Our healthcare system is in dire need of  changes for the better. The aging baby boomers will tax the system even  more over the next few years with no solution in sight for that coming onslaught of needed services.

I was an RN and later a Nurse Practitioner providing primary health care to women and pregnant teens during my professional career. I had my own health issues during my working years that required multiple surgeries, medications and hospitalizations. I experienced our healthcare system from both sides of the fence. From this vantage point, I can speak to issues that most only see from one side or the other.

Over the next weeks and months, I will be addressing some of these issues and discussing solutions that I believe are necessary for each individual to survive and thrive in the coming healthcare crisis. I will talk about ways to navigate the system, how to empower yourself to create better  care for yourself and your families. And how to get the best use of your healthcare dollars.